Ken 2710 схема

ken 2710 схема
Generally, the licences are administered and regulated by the state police; however, in some states, this can also be managed by other government agencies. To become registered in New South Wales requires a CAPI licence, which can be applied for through the NSW Police Force website. Retrieved 2015-12-11. ^ «Apply for a Licence». Government of Ontario. 2016-09-07. Retrieved 2016-12-12. ^ «Private Investigator». Government of Alberta. Irregular hours may also be required when performing surveillance work.[2] Australia[edit] Private investigators in Australia must be licensed by the licensing authority relevant to the state where they are located. Retrieved 2015-07-28. ^ «Regulation of Private Investigations».

Private detectives/investigators often work for attorneys in civil and criminal cases. Retrieved 27 November 2016. ^ «Private Investigator License Requirements». . Active in the Reserves, he was recalled to active duty in World War I, and served in France. 4699 Simon B. Buckner, Jr.: Infantryman. For example, many are involved in process serving, the personal delivery of summons, subpoenas, and other legal documents to parties in a legal case.

Depending on local laws, they may or may not carry a firearm, some are former law enforcement agents (including former police officers), some are former spies, some are former military, some used to work for a private military company, and some are former bodyguards and security guards. This applies to all states except the Australian Capital Territory. Across the world[edit] Many jurisdictions require PIs to be licensed. The period of the investigation could last for several months, or in some extreme cases, years. However, due to the cutbacks of this agency, licensing of private investigators in the UK was halted indefinitely. At present, no government-backed authorities in the UK license private investigators.

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